Key Events in 2022

Major events
  • In February, Gazprom and CNPC signed an agreement to supply Russian pipeline gas to China via the Far Eastern route.
  • In September, Gazprom launched an LNG production, storage and shipment terminal in the vicinity of Portovaya compressor station.
  • In December, the Gazprom Group took part in the launch of Semakovskoye, a new large field, in the Arctic.
  • In December, the Kovykta field and the Kovykta — Chayanda section of the Power of Siberia trunkline became operational.
  • Gazprom is a developer of proprietary technologies and a major customer of cutting-edge domestic equipment. For many years now, the Company has been closely cooperating with domestic research and production institutions throughout the cycle of innovative product development and implementation as well as supporting the accelerated unlocking of industrial potential across Russian regions.
  • In 2022, three single-line gas metering stations equipped with ultrasonic natural gas flow transducers were put into operation at the gas transmission facilities of Gazprom Transgaz Kazan LLC. This upgraded and mass-produced innovative type of gas metering stations won its developers the top award of Gazprom’s Science and Technology Prize 2022. The new type of stations provide the required class of accuracy for the measurements of volumes and other physical and chemical properties of gas. The measurement data obtained help control gas flows and manage them even more effectively across the gas supply system. Another advantage of the new stations is their minimally manned technologies as the operation of the stations is fully automated and does not require the permanent presence of personnel.
Business achievements
  • In the reporting year, the Gazprom Group paid over RUB 5 trillion to Russia’s budgets.
  • An extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of PJSC Gazprom approved interim dividend at RUB 51.03 per share for the first half of 2022. The total dividend payout amounted to RUB 1,208.059 billion (50% of the Gazprom Group’s adjusted IFRS net income for the first half of 2022).
Corporate governance
  • In 2022, the Expert RA rating agency affirmed the Company’s highest governance quality rating.
  • Creating the Import Substitution and Technological Development Committee of the Board of Directors in 2022 as well as approving the relevant regulation became a crucial step in corporate governance.
  • In the reporting year, PJSC Gazprom supplemented its Code of Corporate Ethics with a provision requiring that information on the Company’s compliance with corporate ethics be submitted to PJSC Gazprom’s Board of Directors on a regular basis, and in either case at least once every three years.
Improving energy efficiency
  • The Company approved the Energy Saving and Energy Safety Improvement Program for 2022–2024.
  • A 13.5% reduction in specific consumption of fuel and energy resources during natural gas transportation was achieved in comparison with 2021.
  • Over 70% of natural gas was saved during repairs.
  • 4,015.5 mcm of natural gas, 407.2 million kWh of electricity and 227,900 Gcal of thermal energy were saved due to energy-saving measures and new energy-efficient technologies.
Environmental projects
  • The Company approved PJSC Gazprom’s Corporate Environmental Targets for 2023–2025.
  • RUB 89.1 billion is the total environmental expenditures of the Gazprom Group in 2022.
  • Over 8,000 employees of the Gazprom Group completed environmental training programs.
  • A 14% decrease in Gazprom’s air pollutant emissions was achieved in comparison with 2021.
  • A 50% increase in the number of mobile compressor stations made it possible to prevent up to 80% of methane emissions during gas trunkline repairs.
Gas infrastructure expansion in Russia
  • Gas infrastructure expansion in Russia is Gazprom’s key social project. In 2022, the Group accelerated the implementation of programs to develop gas supply and expand gas infrastructure in Russia for 2021–2025, building about 3,300 km of gas pipelines. Over 81,700 houses and apartments, as well as 350 boiler houses in 423 localities were connected to the gas network.
  • In 2022, Gazprom updated the Gas Infrastructure Expansion Program for 2021–2025 along with the Gas Supply Development and Gas Infrastructure Expansion Program for 2021–2025 for 72 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In the reporting year, the Company initiated and approved the Gas Supply Development and Gas Infrastructure Expansion Programs for the Republic of Tatarstan, the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Kostroma regions.
  • In line with President Vladimir Putin’s instructions, the Company carries on with the project to connect households to the gas network in the areas with existing gas supplies. As of the end of the reporting year, gas networks were expanded to 0.5 million households in Russia.
Natural gas vehicle fuel market development
  • As of December 31, 2022, the Gazprom Group entities and Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo owned 423 CNG filling stations with a capacity of 3.14 bcm per year.
  • In the reporting year, the CNG sales of the Gazprom Group entities and Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo in its own network of CNG filling stations in Russia reached 979.2 mcm; including partner facilities, sales reached 1,057 mcm, or 71% of total CNG sold in Russia.
Process safety
  • A 97% increase in the number of employees compliant with the Integrated System of Process Safety Management (ISPSM).
  • The Company developed and adopted PJSC Gazprom’s Target Process Safety Enforcement Program for 2022–2025.
  • The number of employees injured in traffic accidents went down by more than 36% year-on-year.
Employee development and social security
  • The Gazprom Group continued all its social programs
  • The Company identified no violations related to gender, racial, religious, political or other forms of discrimination.
  • 141,600 employees received a pension under non-governmental pension agreements with Non-State Pension Fund GAZFOND.
  • 559,200 employees of the Gazprom Group completed professional training, professional retraining and skills upgradingThe number of employees who completed training is stated in man-courses (a person completing two training courses is counted twice, etc.)..
  • Over 180 people from the Company’s 36 subsidiaries participated in Gazprom’s second Labor (Workmanship) Festival.
  • In 2022, 2,020 students studied under employer-sponsored training agreements with the Gazprom Group companies.