Glossary of Abbreviations and Code Names used in the Report

CNG filling station Automobile gas-filling compressor station
ADR American depositary receipt
AEPS Automated Electronic Procurement System of PJSC Gazprom
boe barrel of oil equivalent
GDP Gross Domestic Product
RES Renewable energy sources
Gazprom, the Gazprom Group, the Group A group of companies consisting of PJSC Gazprom (parent company) and its subsidiaries
Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat LLC and its subsidiaries
Gazprom Energoholding Gazprom Energoholding LLC and companies consolidated under its management (PJSC Mosenergo, PJSC MOEK, PJSC TGС-1 and PJSC OGK-2)
GCF Gas and condensate field
NGV fuel Natural gas vehicle fuel
GPU Gas pumping unit
GPP Gas or gas condensate processing plant
Gazprom Neft Group, Gazprom Neft PJSC Gazprom Neft and its subsidiaries
GTS Gas transmission system
HPP Hydro power plant
VMI Voluntary medical insurance
UGSS Unified Gas Supply System
ISPSM Integrated System of Process Safety Management
ITS Technical reference book
Company PJSC Gazprom
CNG Compressed natural gas
KPI Key performance indicator
CS Compressor station
MCS Mobile compressor station
SME Small and medium-sized enterprises
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
OGCF Oil and gas condensate field
MET Mineral extraction tax
VAT Value-added tax
BAT Best available technologies
R&D Research and development
NPO Non-profit organization
CHI Compulsory medical insurance
DCA Designated conservation area
HIF Hazardous industrial facility
Report The Gazprom Group’s Social Impact Report 2022
PJSC Gazprom and its key subsidiaries PJSC Gazprom and its gas production, transportation, processing and underground storage subsidiaries
GHG Greenhouse gases
APG Associated petroleum gas
OEM Operational environmental monitoring
RD Administrative document
RUIE Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
LNG Liquefied natural gas
STO Corporate standard
FSU countries Countries located in the former Soviet Union territory other than the Russian Federation
RMICS Risk management and internal control system
STI Strategic target indicator
EMS Environmental management system
toe tonne of oil equivalent
Ton of reference fuel Ton of reference fuel (coal equivalent) equal to 877 m3 of natural gas, 0.7 ton of oil and gas condensate
GBP ETP Electronic Trading Platform of Gazprombank Group