List of documents on process safety approved in 2022

  • PJSC Gazprom’s Target Process Safety Enforcement Program for 2022—2025Approved on February 7, 2022, No. 50.;
  • Fire Safety Organizational and Technological Activities Plan for PJSC Gazprom Facilities in 2023Approved on November 29, 2022, No. 03-241.;
  • Standard Rules on Safety during Gas Hazardous OperationsApproved on August 26, 2022, No. 328. and action plan for these rulesApproved on November 14, 2022, No. 03-230.;
  • Standard Regulation on Video Recording of High-Hazard Operations at PJSC Gazprom’s Subsidiaries and BranchesApproved on October 20, 2022, No. 505.;
  • Comprehensive Plan of Key Measures to Prevent Road Accidents and Ensure Road Safety at Subsidiaries and Entities of PJSC GazpromApproved on August 26, 2022, No. 03-177.;
  • STO Gazprom 18000.3-022-2022 Integrated System of Process Safety Management: Workplace. Air Monitoring. Process Safety ProcedureApproved by PJSC Gazprom’s Decree No. 189 dated May 17, 2022.;
  • STO Gazprom 18000.3-023-2022 Integrated System of Process Safety Management. Occupational Hazards. Requirements for Workplace Safety at PJSC Gazprom FacilitiesApproved by PJSC Gazprom’s Decree No. 277 dated July 29, 2022.;
  • STO Gazprom Regulation on the Preventive Activities Carried out by Emergency Rescue Services (Forces) and Fire DepartmentsApproved on February 3, 2020, No. 42..