4.2. Social Partnership

GRI 103-2GRI 103-3

Employer-employee relations in the Gazprom Group are based on social partnership to ensure the best balance of interests for efficient delivery of Gazprom’s objectives subject to the performance of its commitments.

Documents Regulating the Labor Relations in the Gazprom Group
GRI 102-12
  • Labor Code of the Russian Federation
  • Labor and employment legislation in the countries where PJSC Gazprom operates
  • Industry Agreement for 2020–2022 covering companies involved in oil and gas production and the construction of dedicated facilities;
  • General Collective Bargaining Agreement of PJSC Gazprom and its Subsidiaries for 2019–2021
  • Collective agreements and other local regulations of the Gazprom Group subsidiarie

Collective Bargaining Agreement

GRI 102-41UNCTAD C.4.1

The General Collective Bargaining Agreement of PJSC Gazprom, its Subsidiaries and Entities is signed for a three-year period. It serves as the basis of the social partnership mechanism ensuring the balance of employee and employer interests by setting out their mutual obligations.

The Agreement outlines uniform social obligations for subsidiaries engaged in the production, transportation, processing, storage and sale of gas.

Gazprom Workers’ Union

The Gazprom Group recognizes the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining provided for by the UN, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, and Federal Law No. 10-FZ dated January 12, 1996 On Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees of their Activities.

The interests of employees are represented by the Gazprom Workers’ Union Interregional Organization and its member organizations. Gazprom Workers’ Union is one of Russia’s largest industrial trade unions bringing together over 364,000 members.

Gazprom Workers’ Union Activities in 2021

Following collective bargaining negotiations, the parties to the social partnership agreed to extend the term of the General Collective Bargaining Agreement for the period from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024Supplementary Agreement No. 15 to the General Collective Bargaining Agreement dated July, 6 2021.. In 2021, 100% of employees of PJSC Gazprom and its subsidiaries were covered by the General Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The union also kept cooperating with the employer on current labor issues. In 2021, it contributed to the adoption of more than 10,000 local regulations.

The Gazprom Workers’ Union and its member organizations took an active part in implementing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including procuring protective equipment and sanitizers.

GRI 403-4

In 2021, Gazprom Workers’ Union was also involved in occupational safety activities carried out by 29 in-house technical labor inspectors and 7,507 occupational safety officers.

The Union works consistently to set up and consolidate trade union organizations at the Gazprom Group facilities. The reporting year saw six new trade union organizations join Gazprom Workers’ Union. The decrease in the number of member organizations in 2021 was due to changes in the internal structure of the Gazprom Workers’ Union.

Total membership in the Gazprom Workers’ Union organizations, people
Results of inspections conducted by the Gazprom Workers’ Union organizations
GRI 419-1
Indicator 2019 2020 2021
Inspections conducted by trade union organizations 473 539 491
Including comprehensive checks of all issues relating to labor regulations 263 277 261
Claims reviewed: 1,427 3,877 4,019
incl. substantiated 639 1,167 1,324
incl. partially substantiated 56 78 92
Employees and non-working retirees met in-person 12,938 10,448 11,108
Inspections of the state of occupational safety 277 305 429
Written claims from employees concerning the violation of their occupational safety rights 12 11 25
Violations identified 1,247 464 1,860
Notices issued to eliminate the violations of the labor legislation 143 135 220

The main issues in employee claims:

  • disciplinary action;
  • overtime;
  • vacations and health resorts;
  • benefits and financial assistance;
  • pensions.

Development Projects in Social Partnership

The Gazprom Group pays special attention to professional development projects in social partnership, including training, communication, and loyalty programs.

A Comprehensive Training Program for Trade Union Activists and Members

The program comprises annual seminars for accountants, members of audit commissions, technical labor inspectors, officers in charge of labor safety and information support, legal inspectors, employees in charge of organizational work, and young trade union activists. In 2021, over 300 people completed offline and online training. In 2022, more than 600 Gazprom Group employees will take part in the program.

MBA in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Management

The Gazprom Workers’ Union and the Gazprom Group have formed a group of employees with an MBA in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Management from the Higher School of Economics of St Petersburg State University of Economics. Over 60 employees completed the studies as part of the project.

Gazprom Workers’ Union Scholarships

The program was designed for students of Gazprom School (nine scholarships), Igrimsky Polytechnic College (six scholarships), Gazprom College Volgograd (six scholarships) and St Petersburg State University of Economics (nine scholarships). It seeks to encourage academic excellence, introduce students to social partnership at PJSC Gazprom, familiarize them with the Company’s trade unions, and cultivate socially responsible attitudes.

Trade Union Wave Video Series

A comprehensive information program for union members and PJSC Gazprom employees got underway in 2021 focusing on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development activities. In 2021, 30 episodes of the program were released.

Gazprom Workers’ Union PRIVILEGE loyalty program

The Gazprom Workers’ Union PRIVILEGE is an innovative loyalty program offering union members a number of advantages through a specially designed mobile app and a Gazprombank card. The advantages are based on the daily consumer activity of program participants. As at the end of 2021, 220,000 loyalty cards were issued as part of the program.