2. Sustainability Management

RUB 3,310 billion

total taxes paid by the Gazprom Group to the budgets of the Russian Federation


RUB 38.5 billion

social expenses by the Gazprom Group


Karen Oganyan

Head of Department at PJSC Gazprom PhD in Economics

Karen oversees the tax strategy development and tax policy implementation across the Gazprom Group. Carries out the strategic management of a project to prevent tax offenses for Gazprom to avoid counterparties that practice illegal tax optimization.

2. Sustainability Management ›

Sustainable development

Natural gas plays an important and transformative role in building a competitive economy and shaping the energy industry of the future. Projects of the Gazprom Group improve access to environmentally clean energy for consumers, strengthen energy security and facilitate social and economic development across Russia and around the world. The Group works 24/7 to bring


GRI 102-6

Gazprom Group’s Sustainable Development Policy

Gazprom’s mission, goals and commitments in sustainability and the approaches to delivering them are set out in the Gazprom Group’s Sustainable Development PolicyApproved by resolution of the Board of Directors of PJSC Gazprom No. 3576 dated April 30, 2021.

Compliance with the Policy is mandatory for all entities of the Gazprom Group.

Other legal entities controlled by PJSC Gazprom that are not PJSC Gazprom’s subsidiaries or entities and the Gazprom Group’s partners and counterparties are encouraged to use it as a guidance.

PJSC Gazprom’s Sustainability Documents

GRI 102-26

Untapping economic potential:

  • Long-Term Development Program of PJSC Gazprom (the Gazprom Group) for 2022–2031;
  • Innovative Development Program of PJSC Gazprom until 2025.

Environmental protection:

Shaping management approaches:

HR, social policy, and human rights:

HR Management Policy of PJSC Gazprom, its Subsidiaries and EntitiesApproved by decree of OJSC Gazprom No. 49 dated November 7, 2006;

Regional Policy Concept of PJSC GazpromApproved by resolution of the Management Committee of OJSC Gazprom No. 32 dated May 22, 2003;

Comprehensive Program for Improvement of HR Management at PJSC Gazprom, its Subsidiaries and EntitiesApproved by decree of PJSC Gazprom No. 29 dated February 17, 2016 (as amended by decrees of PJSC Gazprom No. 249 dated August 1, 2017, and No. 169 dated July 12, 2019);

Occupational, Industrial, Fire and Road Safety Policy of PJSC GazpromApproved by order of PJSC Gazprom No. 416 dated September 17, 2019;

General Collective Bargaining Agreement of PJSC Gazprom and its subsidiaries;

Process Safety Management System Development Strategy of PJSC Gazpro Approved by order of PJSC Gazprom No. 432 dated June 22, 2017;

Code of Corporate Ethics of PJSC GazpromApproved by resolution of the Board of Directors of PJSC Gazprom No. 2309 dated February 25, 2014 (as amended by resolution of the Board of Directors of PJSC Gazprom No. 3307 dated August 20, 2019).