4. Responsibility for the Well-Being of Our Planet

0.239 t of CO2 equivalent per toe

of products sold — unit GHG emissions of the Gazprom Group’s gas business


210.3 mmt of СО2 equivalent

the Gazprom Group’s direct GHG emissions (Scope 1)


11.73 mmt of СО2 equivalent

Indirect GHG emissions of the Gazprom Group companies (Scope 2)


1,078.50 mmt of СО2 equivalent

GHG emissions from the use of the Gazprom Group’s products as fuels or feedstock (Scope 3)


2,445,660 tons

air pollutant emissions at the Gazprom Group


3,236.63 mcm

water consumption at the Gazprom Group


3,229,830 tons

waste production at the Gazprom Group


3,359.89 million GJ

energy consumption at the Gazprom Group