3.3. Gazprom Group’s Business Model


(1) For core business subsidiaries of PJSC Gazprom.

(2) Including the Group’s share in production of organizations where it has investments classified as joint operations.

(3) Including leased third-party storage capacity.

(4) Including 4.10 bcm via the Power of Siberia gas trunkline.

(5) The Declared Dividend line from PJSC Gazprom’s 2020 IFRS consolidated financial statements.

(6) Labour productivity is calculated for PJSC Gazprom along with all its standalone business units, including branches and representative offices, as the sum of revenue from the sale of products, proceeds from work and services, and revenue from the sale of goods acquired for resale less procurement costs, divided by the number of man-hours worked by the Company’s salaried employees and external part-time employees.

(7) At PJSC Gazprom subsidiaries (gas business).

Value creation

For details on resource base replenishment, see PJSC Gazprom Annual Report 2020

For the Gazprom Group’s 2017–2020 operating highlights, see Appendix