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Gazprom Group’s Sustainability Report


Gazprom Group’s and UN SDGs in 2020

Supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development enacted by the Resolution of the UN General Assembly in 2015, the Gazprom Group makes a significant contribution to the achievement of each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth in it.

Sustainable Development Policy of Gazprom Group

The purpose of the Policy is to express (make a public statement of) the Gazprom Group’s stance in the area of sustainable development, explain its attitude towards relevant international and Russian standards and practices, and formalize the unified principles and approaches of the Gazprom Group to sustainable development efforts.

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Dmitry Filatov

Head of PR and Media Relations Division, PJSC MOEK; in cooperation with his colleagues, has successfully implemented a project for streamlining stakeholder outreach on social media, which made it possible to respond to consumer queries in real time, promptly inform customers about technical failures and the progress of repairs, and communicate with debtors and communities across the Company’s areas of operation.

Stakeholder Engagement Formats

Alexey Finikov

Deputy Head of Department — Head of Directorate; responsible for shaping and implementing the investor relations strategy of PJSC Gazprom, collects investor feedback and articulates the Company’s approaches to sustainable development.

Stakeholder Engagement

Dmitry Pashkovsky

Head of Department, PJSC Gazprom; in charge of shaping and implementing the comprehensive risk management and internal control policy. The continuous improvement and enhancement of the integrated corporate framework provides reasonable assurance that the Gazprom Group will achieve its strategic goals and meet its environmental and social obligations.

Sustainability Management

Vladimir Antonyuk

Eye care professional with 40 years of experience, author of five patents and over 100 scientific papers, Honored Physician of Russia, Honored Oil and Gas Industry Specialist. Founder and lifelong head of the Eye Microsurgery Clinic of OKDC PJSC Gazprom, one of the best vision correction centers in Russia. Since 1998, thousands of Gazprom employees and their families, as well as retired employees of the Company have changed their lives for the better thanks to eyesight recovery and professional rehabilitation programs offered by the Clinic.

Gazprom Group’s Contribution to the Achievement of UN SDGs in 2020

Igor Gerelishin

Head of Medical Unit, Gazprom Dobycha Nadym LLC; played an active role in establishing a medical complex at the Bovanenkovskoye field. After the first COVID-19 cases were reported, he initiated a set of measures to curb the virus outbreak and combat the epidemic.

Employee Safety and Business Continuity

German Aydemirov

Chief Specialist, PJSC Gazprom; has a PhD degree in Philosophical Sciences, takes part in developing and updating strategic documents in the fuel and energy sphere, as well as a number of initiatives to ensure sustainable development of PJSC Gazprom and Russia’s gas sector in general.

Gazprom Group Profile

Sergey Sabinin

Oil and gas production operator of the 6th grade, Honored Oil and Gas Industry Specialist. For 36 years, has been making gas production and pre-transport treatment at Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy LLC reliable and efficient. Author of innovative and efficiency-improving proposals and an experienced mentor for the youth.

Contribution to Russia’s Economy

Marina Popovicheva
Darya Mukhina

Members of the professional team elaborating the specifics of the tax environment for the construction and operation of the Power of Siberia trunkline. Owing to the work done, tax payments from the project are fairly distributed among budgets of all levels, infrastructure is being developed, new jobs are created, and the standard of living of the population improves.

Tax Management at PJSC Gazprom

Roman Shchekalev

Head of Directorate, PJSC Gazprom; co-author of an innovative analytics software tool for the management of geological exploration projects. Takes part in the automation and digitalization of processes related to Gazprom’s resource base replenishment, and fosters their higher economic efficiency.

Partnership in Innovative Activities

Viktor Olekseychuk

Head of Division, PJSC Gazprom; as part of an author team, developed and implemented a comprehensive system to enhance the reliability and monitor corrosion at gas transportation facilities of Gazprom Transgaz Moscow LLC.

PJSC Gazprom’s Quality Management System

Yulia Chizhova

Head of Environmental Unit at Operations Directorate, PJSC OGK-2; managed the successful implementation of projects to restore bioresources (fish stocking in the Kan River) and eliminate accumulated environmental damage across the company’s areas of operation (remediating lands and industrial waste landfills, minimizing bottom ash waste generation and dumping).

Waste Handling

Nikita Pershin

Chief Offshore Inspector, PJSC Gazprom; has actively contributed to the development of measures for protecting wildlife and marine biodiversity on the continental shelf, as well as to the provision of accident-free operation of marine machinery and equipment and enhancement of the respective regulatory environment.

Biodiversity Support

Lyudmila Rimskaya

Head of Division, PJSC Gazprom; supervises the implementation of the non-governmental pension insurance of the Gazprom Group employees. Gazprom’s social programs catering to employees of various ages are essential to ensuring sustainable HR management.

HR Management at the Gazprom Group

Sergey Dobychin

Head of Directorate, PJSC Gazprom; in charge of developing the comprehensive insurance system for the Gazprom Group companies, which includes such essential benefits offered to Gazprom’s employees as voluntary medical insurance, as well as insurance against accidents and diseases.

Social Policy of the Gazprom Group

Maxim Osipov

Electric welder of the 6th grade, prize-winner of national professional skills competitions, seven-time Best Welder of the Orenburg Region. Responsible for the seamless operation of gas transportation facilities at Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg LLC, thus helping minimize adverse impacts on human health and the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Non-Financial Incentives

Vladimir Alexeenkov

Deputy Director for Information Technology, Gazprom School; has a PhD degree in Physics and Mathematics, is a top-rank teacher, assistant professor, winner and runner-up of professional competitions. Responsible for career guidance at Gazprom School and is in charge of the Gazprom School science park — a high-tech educational environment that enables pupils to come to grips with the professions of tomorrow.

Training and Education

Ivan Tokarev

Deputy Head of Division, PJSC Gazprom; has a PhD degree in Engineering, works on advanced high-tech solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of power supply for gas production and transportation infrastructure facilities. Winner of the 3rd edition of the Oil and Gas Projects: A Glance into the Future International competition for young scientists.

Gazprom Classes

Dmitry Chetin

Deputy Head of Directorate, PJSC Gazprom; responsible for coordinating the support, improvement and certification efforts for the Integrated System of Process Safety Management, seeking to ensure a safe working environment at the Company and prevent accidents and incidents.

Process Safety Management System at the Gazprom Group

Alexander Demchenko

Managed to ensure a seamless and accident-free operation of the Severnoye Siyaniye (Northern Lights) semi-submersible floating drilling rig (operated by the Murmansk branch of Gazprom Flot LLC) in the extremely challenging weather conditions of the Sea of Okhotsk.

Industrial Safety Performance

Public consultation

In the course of the preparation of the 2020 Report, remote public consultations were held to make sure that the information disclosed is relevant for stakeholders. A total of 15 representatives of stakeholders took part in the consultations. In the course of the public consultations, 101 comments were received, including 41 suggestions to include additional information in the Report and 54 follow-up questions on the information provided in the Report. As part of the consultation process, representatives of stakeholders were given explanations on 62 comments, with another 21 comments reflected directly in the Report. 17 comments received will be handled by the Task Force for the Report preparation at its meeting in the following reporting period.

Table of questions and recommendations from stakeholders based on public consultation on Report 2019

Opinion Issued Following Public Consultations