Opinion Issued Following Public Consultations


PJSC Gazprom (hereinafter — the Company) proposed that we assess the information disclosed in the Gazprom Group’s Sustainability Report 2019 (hereinafter — the Report) for alignment with stakeholder expectations, along with the quality of the Company’s response to the recommendations and proposals received from stakeholders during the Report preparation.


Report Assessment Procedure

We were given an opportunity to read the draft Report provided by the Company, ask questions and offer feedback during dedicated the Public consultations which were held online. In the course of the Public consultations, we were provided with the required comments and the table on how the Company took into account our recommendations and proposals. We provide assessment of the above information only.


We are unaware of any facts that may compromise the reliability of information disclosed in the Report. Yet, it should be noted that reviewing the collection and analysis system for the reported information and its reliability is beyond the scope of this assessment. Besides, the assessment does not purport to confirm the extent of the Report compliance with any Russian and international reporting and/or operational standards.


When assessing the Report, we expressed our own opinion as independent experts, not representatives of the company that employs us. We confirm our independence and objectivity in respect of the Report assessment. We did not receive any remuneration from the Company for taking part in the Public consultations.


The results of our work are presented in this Opinion issued following the Public consultations. The Opinion contains judgements on which we have come to an agreement. The Company may use it for corporate and stakeholder communication purposes by publishing the original version without any changes.

Disclosure Alignment with Stakeholder Expectations

The Report presents the list of material topics jointly defined by the Company’s representatives and a wide range of stakeholders. We believe that the selected material topics reflect the key interests of stakeholders.


In our opinion, all material information presented in the Report is sufficient for the stakeholders to gain an understanding of the Company’s current state and development prospects.


The information disclosed in the Report is well-balanced as it presents both the positive aspects of the Company’s performance and the challenges it faces along with the ways of tackling them.

The Company’s Response to Stakeholder Recommendations as part of the Report Preparation

To take into account information queries from a wide range of stakeholders in the best possible way, the Company surveyed over 2,000 representatives of such stakeholders. The results served as a basis for the final list of material topics to be reflected in the Report.


Additionally, for the first time in its history, the Company held public consultations on the draft Report enabling us as stakeholder representatives to comment on the Report’s contents. The Company recorded all proposals and recommendations received during the Public consultations, analysed them and provided the information on how they were taken into account in preparing the Report, which proves that the dialogue was constructive.


We are agreed to give a positive opinion on the Report in terms of its format and the extent of disclosure. The Company prepared an informative and well-structured reporting document that meets our expectations.


We highly appreciate the Company’s initiative aimed at interacting with stakeholders in preparing the Sustainability Report, and recommend the Company to continue close cooperation on this issue with representatives of the target audiences of the Report.

Public Consultations: Signatures of Participants
Full name Position Signature
Director, Russian Institute of Directors Non-Profit Partnership
Professor of the Department of Thermodynamics and Thermal Engines at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Executive Vice President of NewTech Services
Head of Environmental Economics Department, Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
General Director, Fuel and Energy Communications Development Center
Deputy Chair of the Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Managing Director for Corporate Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship, The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
CEO, Rating Agentur Expert RA GmbH
Chairman of the Management Board of Yamal Regional Social Movement of Indigenous Minorities ”Yamal”
Head of the Program for the Business Environmental Responsibility at WWF Russia
Chairman of the Gazprom Workers’ Union Interregional Organization
Chair of the Boards of the Association “National Network of the Global Compact”
Sustainable Development Director, SIBUR
Chair of the NGO “Visit” Youth Leisure Center in Svobodny (Amur Region), Chair of the Public Council of the Amur GPP Construction project
Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the State Duma Energy Committee