2.7 Gazprom Group’s Social Policy

The social policy makes Gazprom more competitive at the labour market. Its purpose is to recruit and ensure long-term retention of highly skilled employees.

The fundamental principle of the social policy is social partnership achieved by granting employees various social payments, personal insurance, medical, housing and additional retirement benefits.

Gazprom social policy is aimed at establishing comfortable and safe labour conditions for the employees. That is achieved by granting medical services, various types of insurance, guarantees of protection in case of occupational incidents or occupational diseases, support and development of physical culture, sports and amateur arts, resolving housing issued using mortgage loans, as well as private pension benefits via JSC NPF GAZFOND. The young specialists are granted support ensuring their fast on-boarding and self-actualization.

GRI 401-2

Social payments. The Group companies may provide financial aid to all employees. Certain categories of employees are entitled to additional payments: working women and other individuals with family responsibilities, young employees, employees of subsidiaries located in the Far North or equivalent areas, combat veterans, participants of Chernobyl nuclear disaster elimination and other categories of employees.

Housing. Gazprom carries out the corporate housing program based on the banking mortgage loans mechanism. Such approach to handling residential accommodation issues ensures competitive advantages and enables the Company to recruit and retain the key employees.

Medical care. Under the voluntary medical insurance, Gazprom Group holds regular medical screenings of certain categories of employees involved in hard work or working in harmful and/or hazardous labour conditions. Annual prophylactic medical examinations of employees are held in accordance with the gender and age structure of the staff. During such prophylactic medical examinations, symptom-free forms of diseases and risk factors are identified. The physicians develop individual healthcare programs for employees of the Group, including rehabilitation treatment.

The year of 2018 saw the increase of the scope of prophylactic activities aimed at early detection of diseases, states that are the main causes of disability and premature mortality, as well as the key risk factors of their evolving.

GRI 201-3

Pension. The employees who worked at Gazprom for at least 15 years and reached the retirement age are entitled to corporate retirement benefits. The size of the occupational pension depends upon the tenure with PJSC Gazprom entities, awards received and the size of the fixed salary.

Nongovernmental pension insurance of people employed at Gazprom Group entities is carried out in accordance with the financial and economic resources of the organization on the basis of the pension agreements concluded with JSC NPF GAZFOND.

Headcount of participating retired employees of Gazprom Group entities, 2015–2018, thousand people