2.2 Gazprom Group’s Personnel

As of the end of 2018, the Gazprom Group's roster included 466,100 people.

Headcount of Gazprom Group employees as of the end of the reporting period, 2015–2018, thousand Persons
GRI 102-10

The decline of Gazprom Group's headcount by 3,500 people in 2018 vs 2017 is due to the change of the list of companies included in the Gazprom Group and activities aimed at streamlining the HR structure.

In 2018, the average age of the Group employees was 41.3 years. In 2017, it was 41.6 years.

Shift Personnel

Exploration, prospecting, field development and hydrocarbon production are carried out under the shift system of works in the areas remote from major population centres, predominantly in the regions with harsh climate — in the Far North, in offshore areas and in Siberia.

Gazprom establishes optimal conditions for effective work and comfortable living of the shift personnel: the Company provides delivery from the meeting point to the place of work and back, develops the infrastructure of the shift personnel camps, provides medical and social services, controls compliance with the work and rest schedule. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, Gazprom pays higher salaries to employees working in the areas with harsh climate conditions.

As of the end of 2018, the total headcount of shift staff at the Gazprom Group was 35,200 people, including 33,800 people working in the Far North and areas considered equivalent to it.

Headcount and structure of shift staff(1), 2015–2018
As of December 31 2015 2016 2017 2018
Roster of employees of organizations applying the shift system of works, thousand people 158.4 161.3 164.5 165.2
Headcount of shift staff, thousand people 32.8 34.6 35.6 35.2
incl. working in the Far North and areas considered equivalent to it, thousand people 30.8 32.8 34.0 33.8
Relative share of shift staff in the organization roster, % 20.7 21.5 21.6 21.3

(1) The data is provided in accordance with the average personnel roster.

Shift staff structure (by staff categories and forms of work organization)(1), 2015–2018, thousand people

(1) The data is provided in accordance with the average personnel roster.

(2) No data is captured and analyzed in Managers, specialists and other office staff category.

(3) No data is captured and analyzed in Grade 3 (or higher) workers, grade 1–2 workers, ungraded workers category.

Some of the shift employees arrive to the place of work from other regions crossing significant distances, different climatic zones and time zones (cross-regional form of work). Another part of employees works within the region, travelling small distances for short periods of time — one or two weeks (intraregional form of work).

Personnel movements and turnover

In 2018, 79,000 employees joined Gazprom, which is 8,500 more than in 2017, including 36.4% of young employees under 30 years of age. 13.5% of newly hired employees belong to the age category over 50 years old.

Employees hired in 2018 with breakdown by age groups
Under 30 y.o. 30 - 40 y.o. 40 - 50 y.o. 50 y. o. or older
thousand people%thousand people%thousand people%thousand people
28.7 36.4 24.2 30.6 15.4 19.5 10.7
Hired employees, thousand people
Personnel turnover, %

(1) ratio between the number of employees who quitted the organization for reasons included in the turnover reasons (clauses 3 (other than employees dismissed due to retirement), 6, 7, and 9 of Article 77 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation) and the roster of the organization.


Quitters headcount, thousand people

The key Gazprom activities aimed at reducing personnel turnover are defined in the Comprehensive Program for Improvement of HR Management at PJSC Gazprom, Its Subsidiaries and Organizations approved for 2016–2020.

Information on the number of hired employees and quitters, and staff attrition by Federal Districts is provided in Appendix


Quitters headcount as of 2018 by age groups
Under 30 y.o. 30 - 40 y.o. 40 - 50 y.o. 50 y. o. or older
thousand people%thousand people%thousand people%thousand people%
20.2 24.6 21.1 25.7 14.6 17.8 26.2 31.9

Question from the representative of Gazprom Group employees

GRI 102-44
Question from the representative of the Gazprom Group employees

What age category of employees is in most demand at Gazprom?

Gazprom employees age structure is balanced. The Group companies carry out the HR policy aimed both at attracting young employees and at retaining experienced staff.