2.1 HR Management at Gazprom

The Gazprom Group is one of the largest employers in Russia. The company boasts continuously improving incentives system and continuous education system, as well as efficient social policy.

Strong professionalism and educational background, result-oriented performance, initiative, active search for solutions, commitment to corporate values and traditions are the qualities that Gazprom appreciates in its employees and potential candidates.

The Company provides to its employees professional development opportunities, respectable salaries and employment benefits, comfortable and safe labour conditions. Protecting lives and health of the employees is absolute priority for Gazprom.

In 2018, PJSC Gazprom was ranked first in Universum rating of Most Attractive Employers of the Russian Federation from Students’ Point of View in two professional areas: Engineering/ Natural Science and Business.

GRI 102-12

Legal regulation of social and labour relations is performed at the Gazprom Group in compliance with:

  • the labour and employment legislation of the Russian Federation and the countries of operations;
  • the General Agreement between the all-Russia trade union amalgamations, all-Russian employers association and the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • the Industry Agreement covering organizations of the oil and gas industries and construction of oil and gas facilities for 2017–2019;
  • the Sectoral Tariff Agreement in the power sector of the Russian Federation for 2016–2018;
  • the collective agreements and by-laws of the Gazprom Group entities.

The HR management principles and conceptual approaches are defined in HR Management Policy of PJSC Gazprom, Its Subsidiaries and Organizations. Under that Policy, employees are deemed one of the key strategic resources of the Company ensuring its competitiveness and enabling successful delivery of the set goals.

The key interrelated components of the HR Management Policy are:

  • Personnel recruitment, assessment and deployment;
  • Training and development;
  • Motivation and rewarding;
  • Social policy;
  • Corporate communications.

The Comprehensive Program for Improvement of HR Management at PJSC Gazprom, Its Subsidiaries and Organizations in 2016–2020 is the fundamental document aimed at improvement of HR management activities at the Gazprom Group

PJSC Gazprom Collaboration with Subsidiaries and Affiliates as Related to HR Management

The key PJSC Gazprom decisions pertaining to HR management also apply to its subsidiaries and affiliates, including Gazprom Neft Group, Gazprom Energoholding, Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat. PJSC Gazprom develops uniform HR management approaches and policies and implements them at its subsidiaries and affiliates.

HR Management Plans

PJSC Gazprom sets the following objectives for 2019 as related to HR management: control of efficient implementation of the Company HR management policy through the system of KPIs, identification of comprehensive approaches to staffing of the Company strategic projects.